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Fundraiser for Fort William and Mary 250th

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I’m a reenactor with the First NH Regiment.

Since 2020 with the 250th anniversary reenactment of the Boston Massacre, the historical reenactment community has been educating, planning, and celebrating the 250th anniversaries of events leading up to the American Revolution. In 2025, the community will be reenacting for the 250th for the opening battles of the war itself.

In December 2024, New Hampshire will have the opportunity to reenact and remember our big moment–the raid on Fort William and Mary, at New Castle.

The unfortunate part of planning this event is that we have no help from the State of New Hampshire. The reenactment will be mostly funded by the regiments involved, along with the help of donations.

Worthwhile to take on, this is a financial burden that we can’t fund alone.

The First NH Regiment will be fundraising throughout the next year, and all of the money donated or raised will go towards funding the 250th reenactment event of the raid on Fort William and Mary. With your help, New Hampshire can have its moment to shine! We want to share our history with the rest of the Rev War 250 community, and your help will put us that much closer to achieving this goal.

I will be running the Smuttynose half-marathon in Hampton, NH this October for the First NH Regiment, and will be accepting donations to go towards funding the Fort William and Mary reenactment. It’s my first half-marathon and I’ve been training for months! I promise I won’t let you all down!

It’s my distinct honor to run it for the First NH, and for Fort William and Mary. Please consider chipping in any amount. Every dollar and cent will help. Thank you.



Our Own Whites in the News!

Seacoast Times feature June and Carrol White in an interview at the Exeter Independence Festival:

2021 Fort Constitution Day Proclamation

Members of the 1st and 2nd New Hampshire Regiments, along with members of the SAR and the DAR attend as Governor Sununu reads proclamation for “2021 Fort Constitution Day” at Fort William and Mary.